Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to write an Effective Bug Report - Part 2

Whenever you are reporting a bug always try to attach a screen shot, by using this method you can pinpoint the bug very easily, its a very good way to elaborate your bug that where the bug lies and highlight the particular area in the screen short where the bug lies and write the bug detail (steps which you follow to reproduce a bug) with that.
             You should use different tools like Microsoft Paint or Cropper or any other of your choice to highlight and elaborate the particular bug area. Find some good tools here

1.    In the description area just write something like
“Module Name --> Page Name --> Problem in Short --> Attachment notification”,
For Example “Poll --> Create Poll --> Confirmation message is not shown --> Please view the attachment for clarification (or details)”.
In this case, its easy to describe the bug for a tester and also there is some better understanding for the developer. He/she (the developer) can easily switch to the page where the bug lies in complex applications without wasting much time in finding out the particular bug area. See the example below,

2.    Do not highlight more then one issue in one screen shot. In this case developers fix 1 highlighted issue (bug) and leave the other. Let me give you an example for clarity, see the figure below  

   Here there should be two separate bugs and screen shots, one for the “Cancel” button and the other for the “Reset” button.
3.    In the comparison cases, screen shot method is very handy. For Example same drop down show different options on different pages, look and feel of different pages in the same application etc. By using this method you can elaborate your point in a very effective way without writing long details. Have a look at the figure below,

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